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1 to 1 Strategy Support

For purpose driven entrepreneurs ready to build and grow a wildly successful business on their own terms

Are you ready to make your business successful?

There is no passion to be found in settling for a life less than the one you are capable of living
— Nelson Mandela

You’re here so I know….

  • You’re a purpose driven entrepreneur who wants more from their business so you can live your best life

  • You’re incredible at serving your audience but its chaos behind the scenes. It’s time to create a sustainable business which gives you the freedom you craved at the start

  • You have a mishmash of must dos/should dos/could dos flying round your head and need a clear strategy specific to you to get your ideas out of your head and into the world in a way that makes money and fulfils your purpose

  • You’re ambitious, passionate and hardworking but feel a little bit lost, overwhelmed and frustrated, you want your business to be a success already

  • Your Pinterest boards are bursting with business inspiration and home office ideas (and the occasional pug in a pumpkin costume, it’s a real thing!), you just need a helping hand to achieve your immense potential

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My exclusive 1:1 private strategy and business coaching is the program for driven entrepreneurs who are ready to step it up, increase their income and audience doing what they love.

Want to find out more? let’s book in a free 30 minute strategy session

You want support and proven strategies. You want….

  • A plan!!! - the exact steps you need to take to grow your specific business

  • Some tough love, accountability, expert advice and support along the way

  • Practical business strategy and entrepreneurial mindset techniques tailored specifically to you. to help you build your confidence and your business

Why work with me?

  • I’m a qualified business expert with a proven track record supporting hundreds of entrepreneurs starting both products and services businesses, online and offline across a huge number of industries. So you get to benefit from my 10 years of experience in helping people like you run a business

  • You won’t just learn the theory behind growing a wildly successful business which is completely aligned with your values, you will actually design, build and grow the business

  • You will have an expert holding you accountable so you can achieve results fast

  • Most importantly I’ve been where you are, I get it and I get you and what you are going through. I’ve set up and run multiple successful businesses, including The Start-Up Studio, freelancing and even selling safety vests in the US on Amazon, so I know what it takes to be successful (you can learn from my successes and mistakes). I also run a property development business, its all design and budget spreadsheets, whats not to love. Want to know more? stalk me here

The Nitty Gritty

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Strategy Intensive

75 minute | ONE TO ONE

A 75 minute deep dive strategy session.

Perfect for legends who need a clear focused plan to take the right next steps in their business. You just need direct help in a particular part of your business so you can smash your goals.

  • 75 minute strategy call via Zoom

  • Recording of the call so you can focus on the session not on taking notes

  • Post session action plan with the specific steps needed to move you forward

  • Pre-call workbook for me to understand you and your business so we can spend the whole call on you and your business

Investment: USD 200

Business Accelerator

3 months | ONE TO ONE

3 months of practical strategy and coaching support.

Perfect for legends who have a business and are ready to make it a success. You have big plans but need help to make it happen.   .

  • 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions over 3 months

  • Welcome packet to kick-start your business journey

  • Recordings of all sessions

  • Post coaching session email for accountability

  • Unlimited access to me by email in between sessions for support and guidance

  • Workbooks and training support as needed

  • 30 minute check in call once coaching completed to review progress and adjust plan

Investment: USD 2,500 (pay in full save USD 260)

Payment Plan: 3 instalments of USD 920

Longer packages available on request

Someday is not a day of the week.
Start today.

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Ok enough with the lists, what is it really like to work with you? 

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“Before my sessions with Helen, I felt so overwhelmed and lacking in clarity and direction. I had no real idea of what exactly I should be doing each day. And no clear plan of action to help me achieve my goals. But even after my first session with her, I felt I had a lot more 
clarity around my business mission and goals and what the exact steps I needed to do to achieve them”

Noleen Sliney, Organic Makeup Artist & Green Beauty Blogger,

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I need this, i’m in. What’s next?

I only work with a limited number of women at one time so I can give them all the devoted support they need. Click on the link to book your free 30 minute strategy call and we can work out if we are a good fit and talk about what support you need. Can’t wait to chat to you.


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