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What are the benefits of working with me?

  • I’ve been in your position and gone on to start successful businesses, I know what it takes. You can learn from my successes and mistakes

  • You will have an expert holding you accountable so you can achieve results fast

  • You’ll finally get business confident and develop the mindset necessary for success

  • You won’t just learn the theory behind setting up and running a wildly successful business which is completely aligned with your values, you will actually design, build and start the business

  • You get to benefit from my 10 years of experience in helping people like you start and run a business. I know what it takes to be successful

  • You are assured you are working with a well-qualified business start-up expert. I’ve trained over 400 entrepreneurs on how to start and run a successful business so I have a proven track record

  • I continually invest in my own education and learnt from other experts in business start-ups and assimilated all their knowledge so you can benefit from the latest training without getting overwhelmed with informatio

Topics we cover

What we cover will depend on you, your individual business and what stage you are at. Every coaching programme is designed to your needs and goals but below are a list of topics we can cover during our time together.

Topic 1: Setting yourself up for success

  • Learn what it takes to become a successful business owner

  • Develop your new self-image which will help you to succeed at business and in life

  • Identify what beliefs you currently hold about yourself and how they are holding you back from achieving your vision

  • Overcome limiting beliefs through mindset practices so you can achieve your vision

  • Identify and overcome your money blocks and replace with a new powerful attitude

  • Personalised mindset routine designed to your learning style and requirements

  • Design the life you want to create

  • Define your 'why': what is your core motivation?

Topic 2: Create a strong foundation for your business

  • Clarify the business idea, income model and what problem you are trying to solve

  • Calculate your income target by reviewing current and future expenditure

  • Design your core business values

  • Define who your ideal client is and how you want to serve them

  • Decide on the core message that your business represents

Topic 3: Test your business idea and get to know your ideal clients

  • How to get in touch with your clients and research your market

  • Strategy for test trading your business

  • Market research tools and techniques for your business including competitor research and SWOT analysis

  • Gathering social proof and testimonials

  • Re define your target market and ideal client using your market research results

  • Fully understand what your ideal clients want, what they value and how best to serve them

Topic 4: Build your business

  • Design your service or product so your clients won’t be able to resist them and they are completely aligned with your business values

  • Define the customer journey

  • Produce a list of content you need to create for the journey and get support to draft irresistible content that speaks directly to your target market

  • Review or set up required business structures such as website, landing page, free opt in and call booking system

  • Design brand identity and board for the business that is consistent with what you and your customers want your business to be

Topic 5: Systems and operations

  • Insurance

  • Book keeping and recording keeping - setting up a system that works for you and your business

  • How do you take payment

  • Financial projections - cash flow, sales forecast and cost forecast

  • Setting up as self employed

  • Suppliers and outsourcing if relevant

  • Useful tools and systems for automating the admin of your business

  • Business metrics to track the progress of your business

Topic 6: Visibility and launch

  • Work out what marketing will suit you and your customers

  • Identify your natural voice and how to share it in an authentic way

  • Design and implement a simple marketing plan including social media presence and schedule

  • Set up social media or review current presence

  • Marketing and content principle of AIDA (attention, interest, desire and action)

  • Identify and overcome any blocks to charging your worth

  • Design the customer sales journey and practice how to have powerful sales conversations which are not pushy or cringe worthy

  • How to become an expert in your niche