Improve lives by giving back


My Mission

To positively change the world, one business at a time.

I want to spread the power of small businesses throughout the world and especially developing countries as a way for women to empower themselves and raise themselves and their families out of poverty

You can make a difference and contribute to meaningful change in the world just by working with me. As part of my for purpose mission, for every 3 or 6 month coaching programme purchased, I will make a £50 donation to Women for Women International.

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Women for Women International

Women for Women International is an incredible organisation with a powerful mission to help women survivors of war rebuild their lives and choose their own futures - so far, they have supported over 462,000 marginalised women in 8 countries affected by war and conflict.

They deliver a one year programme which teaches women skills needed to earn money, regain their confidence and participate in their communities.

The women learn: 

  • Marketable job skills - such as tailoring, bread-making or poultry-keeping

  • How to start and run a business to provide a stable income for herself and her family

  • About health, stress management, good hygiene and nutrition so she can protect herself and her family from preventable disease

  • About their rights on key issues such as voting, access to land, divorce, custody of her children and domestic abuse

Once they have completed the year-long training, they received continued personal and economic support by being connected to financial services, advanced business and vocational trainings, and support networks.

Help create positive change in the world, one business at a time

Thank you x