How to Create Content that Converts

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Ever get the slight fear when you want to take time off from your business?

You worry about your audience not hearing from you. You worry that if you’re not there then your business won’t grow.

I was definitely like that when I first started my businesses. But without rest, without time to regenerate you and your business can’t thrive. You need energy, you need to love your business and you can’t do that if you feel trapped by it.

When I go away I am always super excited, well who doesn’t love going away.

But also because I know i'll get back to a stack of notifications of people joining my email list, getting a ton of help from my freebies and joining my community.

You know why?

Because I create content that attracts my ideal clients, connects with them meaningfully and makes me money.

Check out my 6 Steps to Create Content that Converts below.


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Content that Converts Tip 1: Set yourself up for Success

Kick your visibility fears to the curb and step into your role as a fearless content creator. THIS IS CRUCIAL. You need to feel confident in what you are creating and your online voice so you can be heard, be visible and be the CEO of your business 🤸‍♀️

Content that Converts Tip 2: Connect Meaningfully

Discover your natural voice, so you can show up authentically and create real connection with your audience. 🤝 This isn’t about being a professional copywriter, podcaster or videographer extraordinaire. It’s about letting your audience get to know the real you

Content that Converts Tip 3: Create Incredible Ideas Consistently

Tap into your inner creative  and come up with killer content ideas. Work out what your audience really needs, talk to them, understand where they’re at so you can meet them there with your content creation

Content that Converts Tip 4: Strategise

You can have the most incredible content BUT if you’re just creating and posting without a plan, you’re not going to achieve what you want. You need a coordinated, achievable, exciting, inspiring content strategy that is aligned with your vision and your audiences needs 

Content that Converts Tip 5: Captivate your Audience

This is about dialling up the connection with your audience. You’ll want to understand how to become a copy wizard and a spellbinding storyteller so your audience is hooked from your very first word 

Content that Converts Tip 6: Amplify your Results

Now you’ve got the process down, it’s time to show up consistently and create content your audience loves and makes your money. We’re talking unleashing the power of batching and repurposing in your business

This is otherwise known as fearless content creation 

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