How to name your business baby aka. your paid offer

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Have you ever poured your heart and soul into creating your amazing business/course/membership/workshop.

You know it is value packed, transformational and your clients are going to love it. 

But you fall at the last hurdle: what in the heck should you name your beautiful bouncing business baby. 

I absolutely love helping people name their offers but have definitely struggled when it comes to my own things (what’s that saying about builders having the worst houses, it’s hard to do these things in your own business). 

So check out my top 7 tips for naming that offer below. 

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Top tip for naming your business content #1: Describe your ideal client

Come up with a list of words that describe your ideal client e.g. ambitious, female, social.

And make it specific to your client for this particular course/membership/programme/ebook, whatever you’re naming.

It’s likely your ideal client will differ slightly for each product or service as they are coming to you at different points in their journey.

Top tip for naming your business content #2: What do they have in common?

List all the things your clients have in common.

  • What characteristics do they have?

  • What are their quirks?

  • What stage are they are?

  • What do they love to do?

  • What do they hate?

  • What do they secretly wish they could achieve?

  • What’s their favourite things?

  • What do they do in their time off?


Top tip for naming your business content #3: What transformation are you helping them with?

How would you describe the transformation you are helping them with? What will change in their life as a results of working with you / doing your course / joining your membership?

Will they finally achieve their entrepreneurial dreams? Will they get a boat load of energy after they cut out sugar? Will they have self belief off the chart due to your mindset support?  


Top tip for naming your business content #4: Describe your movement

List words you like that describe the movement you are creating.

Is it a collective of like minded mums? Is it an academy where you teach skills? a group?a hive? an academy? lab?


Top tip for naming your business content #5: What is your role in their transformation?

How would you describe your role in their journey? what part will your product or service play in their life? Educator, collaboration, moderator, ref, guide?


Top tip for naming your business content #6: Go wild and list random things you like

This is the really fun part, sometimes inspiration for names come from the most random things.

So go wild and list things you love e.g. animals, foods, colours. I named one of my businesses after listing animals and colours i liked. I ended up with Red Zebra. Sometimes it’s fine to be random. Some of the best businesses have random names e.g. Amazon, Virgin

Top tip for naming your business content #7: Bring it all together into a big melting pot

Now look at your list, what words really jump out at you?

Play around with different combinations. Say them out loud to see how they sound. 

Take your time, don’t rush this last step. Sit with your top 3 favourites and see which one feels right. I often find that over the next few days there is only one name that I can think about. And don’t forget to check it’s not taken by anyone else.

Next Step;

You’ve got the best name, now you need to create killer content to go with it.

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