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business growth plan

Is your head a muddle of should do’s, could do’s, must do’s and it’s hard to know what you should focus on and when.

You just wish someone would tell you plain and simple.

Well you’re not alone. One of the biggest problems all entrepreneurs have is feeling completely and utterly overwhelmed.

They desperately want  some way of getting organised and knowing  exactly how to make a success of their business.  

They’re after a roadmap, checklist, some kind of business growth plan.

If you want to know the exact steps I’ve used with hundreds of entrepreneurs to get them unstuck in their business and you want strategic help to create your own success map, then you’re in the right place.

Grab your free workbook and mini training to build your own business growth plan. By the end of it you’ll:

1. Be super clear and focused on what you want to achieve in your business  

2. Have clear goals for the next 1 year, 6 months and 90 days  

3. Know where you are now and what needs changing to achieve your goals

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My guide to creating your business growth plan is based on my proven strategy of:

Success = Vision + Consistent Action + Attitude

To design a plan perfectly tailored to you and your business vision you always have to start at the end and work backwards.

Step 1 for Creating Your Business Growth Plan: REVIEW

To go anywhere in life you have to know where you are, and the same goes for business.

Imagine you are trying to drive to a business meeting, you literally have to know where you are on the map now to work out how to get to the location of the meeting. It doesn’t matter how much you drive or how in tune you are with what you want, you just won’t be able to get there if you don’t know where your starting point is.

So let’s take stock and review what’s going really well in your business (so you can do more of it). Then we will look at what you feel needs improving in your business so you can make the changes you need to.

Successful business tip: Take your time to reflect on the questions below and answer them as honestly as possible without judgement. There are no right or better answers.

It helps to get into a creative and inspired place when you are answering them. This will help you to get in touch with your gut instinct, that powerful driving force in your life and business.

So print out the questions, cut the distractions, perhaps go for a walk or grab a cup of coffee. Anything which takes you away from your everyday and into an inspired place.

  1. What is going well in your business?

  2. What caused that success? (lets celebrate & learn)

  3. What is not going well in your business?

  4. What needs to happen to change these?

Grab your free workbook so you can write down your answers to these questions.

Step 2 for Creating Your Business Growth Plan: VISION

To achieve business success you have to be clear on what you want your business to be.

Back to the map and driving analogy. You now know where you are on the map, where your starting point is, but you also need to know the location of the meeting so you can work out your route. You have to know the end goal to be able to get there.

So it’s time to be a visionary in your business and set goals based on what you WANT to achieve, not on what you THINK you can achieve.

We’ll work out the roadmap for your vision soon, for now it is a time to get creative and really dream big. What is the scary but exciting vision you have for your business? You know the one you’re worried about saying out loud.

Successful business tip: Write your answers in the present tense as though it is already happening. Don’t filter your answers, write down everything that comes to you.

  1. What do you want your business to be in a year?

  2. What do you want your life to look like in a year?

  3. How will you feel when you achieve your vision for your life and business? (try to be as descriptive as possible)

  4. What will it mean to you to achieve this vision?

Step 3 for Creating Your Business Growth Plan: CLARITY

Now it is time to get focused on your overall vision for your business and life for the next 12 months. This is foundational in your business growth plan.

Read over your previous answers to step 1 and 2.

  1. Which aspirations are you most drawn to? Are there some which you repeat?

  2. What are your non negotiables?

  3. List your top 5 business aspirations for the next year

  4. List your top 5 life aspirations for the next year

Amazing, you’ve completed the first 3 steps of your business growth plan. You should have a brilliant idea of what your business could look like in just 12 months.

How does that make you feel? Excited, fired up and raring to go I hope.

You now need to break your vision down into smaller actionable goals for the next 1 year, 6 months and 90 days complete with action steps, accountability and ways to measure your success.

Next Step: Want to finally build your dream business? Grab your free business success workbook to jot down your answers to these questions and also get a Brucie Bonus mini training series so you can create your clear road map for uplevelling your business.

You’ll get the exact proven steps I've used with hundreds of entrepreneurs to get them unstuck and taking powerful action for business success.

✔️A clear vision for how you want to grow your business
✔️Your own strategic success plan specific to your business 
✔️Renewed focus and energy for your business

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