Your Guide to Batching Social Media Marketing Content

social media marketing content

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with a never ending to do list as an entrepreneur. You’ve got content to create, social media marketing to do, emails to reply to, clients to serve, branding to sort, admin to do and goals to meet.

It is easy to start with great intentions and a strict schedule but one small change and you fall off the bandwagon.

So what is the secret to getting everything done that you need and want to, as well as looking after yourself and setting aside time for personal development?

The answer is one of my favourite things, batching.

It’s not glamarous but boy is it effective.

I’ve created my 4 top tips for batching content, such as social media marketing content and i’ll walk you through how to use batching in your business. Follow the steps below and get back in control of your time.

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What is batching?

Batching is everything!! But seriously it’s an efficient way of organising your tasks and time so you focus on one thing at a time but repeat it e.g you focus on producing all your weeks Pinterest pins at one time, rather than one a day for a week.

Why should you batch your content?

It saves me a huge amount of time which I can use to start strategically growing my business. It also saves my sanity (I am so much more present and calmer since i started using batching in my business, just ask my hubbie!!). It takes about 15-20 minutes to settle into a task, so by batching you cut the time wasted when you switch between tasks.

How do you batch your content?

You can use batching with anything in your business, essentially any task that you repeat regularly, for example producing social media marketing content, tasks to do with creating your podcast or blogs, search engine optimisation work.

It is usually used when producing social media marketing content such as blogs, pins, Facebook posts, Instagram posts and stories.

There is no right or wrong way to batch your work, find a system that works for you as that will mean you stick to it. To help you get started check out my top 4 tips for batching below.

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Tip 1 for batching social media marketing content: Work out what to batch in your business

Make a list of all the tasks you do over 2 or 3 weeks in your business. This is a super useful exercise to help you see where you spend your time and how you could be more productive.

Once you’ve got your list, go through it and highlight tasks that you repeat. These highlighted tasks are things you could batch.

Once you have found your task, break it down into individual steps.

For example I create a blog each week (well try to! #goals) and then I repurpose it for my social media marketing content. The individual steps for creating my blogs are:

  1. Come up with an idea

  2. Research the idea

  3. Do the keyword research

  4. Write the headline

  5. Draft the post

  6. Edit and finalise the post

  7. Create the graphics for social media (Facebook image, Pinterest pins)

  8. Schedule and publish

  9. Email to my list

I repeat these steps for every blog that I create. So instead of sitting down each week and going through all the steps, I will batch it. I will come up with ideas for 4 blog posts, then do all the research at the same time, write all the headlines in one sitting, create all pins together and so on.

Tip 2 for batching social media marketing content: Schedule batching time blocks

Now you have a list of the action steps you are batching, you need to set aside specific time blocks in your schedule when you carry out the tasks. For example the first Monday of the month I could set aside 2 hours to do all the keyword research for my blog posts. I could block out every other Monday afternoon to write the blogs.

Tip 3 for batching social media marketing content: Keep it simple and focused

Nothing ruins batching fun like over complicating it and trying to get too many things done in one time block.

Set yourself a realistic amount of time to get your action steps done.

You also don’t want to group too many unrelated tasks together otherwise you end up still switching between tasks and breaking your concentration.

So don’t try to schedule all headline writing, graphic creation and drafting for the same time slot. They are unrelated tasks in terms of the programmes you use and the types of activities they are. Keep it simple.

Tip 4 for batching social media marketing content: Cut the interruptions

This system works so well because you are doing just one thing at a time, so you need to cut all outside distractions.

Yes that means shutting down social media, closing your emails and switching your phone on silent. Set yourself a timer for an hour or however long you have scheduled and don’t move onto anything else until you’re done.

Your Next Steps: If you’re ready to start using batching in your life remember to download your free workbook here>>> :)

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