3 Things To Do When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

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If you follow entrepreneurs online or are part of any entrepreneurial Facebook groups or other social media groups you could be forgiven for thinking that starting a business is all fun, games and posing in front of the Eiffel Tower boasting about your 6 figure income you made in 3 hours whilst drunk on Margaritas. Quite simply, it is not, it is gritty and oftentimes lonely and overwhelming work which is why doing something you love is often the only thing that keeps you going.

I’ve found that starting and running my own business has been incredible and emotional and thrilling and low and high and every feeling imaginable. The only thing it is not is boring, no two days are the same. This level of change and learning can sometimes be overwhelming.

Have you ever gone through a phase of feeling overwhelmed, lost and struggling to remember why you started the crazy journey of turning your business ideas into reality? If so hopefully a few of my tried and tested tips will help you out of the funk.

Tip 1

Do a social media and email detox - I have unsubscribed from about 90% of my email lists. In order to do this:

  1. Break your business into a few key areas e.g. social media, inspiration, blogging

  2. Select just 2 experts for each area of your business who you fully trust and enjoy reading emails from

  3. Unsubscribe from anyone who doesn’t make the cut

  4. Repeat the process for social media groups, if you have not interacted in the group in the last 2 weeks then unfollow

It sounds harsh but it will free up so much space and declutter your inbox and mind

Tip 2

As a straight talking, business focused, spreadsheet loving entrepreneur I used to resist anything associated with mindset. However much to my surprise I have grown to realise that is really is key, it is the difference between a good day and a bad day, between achieving your business aspirations and being another dreamer. So if you are feeling overwhelmed and like giving up, surround yourself with people who have plenty of energy, it is hard not to get inspired. Every morning watch a motivational video, i’ve listed a couple of my favourites below to get your started:

Tip 3

Take a break - But Helen I have to write a blog post, and I have to interact in my social media groups, and I have to update my accounts, and I have to follow up on some networking connections and I haven’t even managed a shower and change of clothes yet and its 3pm - AND BREATHE. Those things will always be there and not to be too blunt things are never as urgent as you think. Take a break to recharge your batteries, do what you love, take a walk, go ice skating, cuddle the furry love of your life (crazy cat lady alert!!), do nothing. From my experience not knowing what to do next and being overwhelmed can often show up as a lack of motivation. I don’t know what to do for the best so I do nothing (you have to love my logic). So by taking the time out, you give yourself the space to work out what the next best step is.

What helps you the most when you are feeling overwhelmed? I would love to know, just comment below now.

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