Essential Strategies & Entrepreneurial Resources To Get Motivated

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When I started out in business, and actually every time I step up and do something new in my business I can definitely struggle with inspiration and motivation. A lot of that is because it is uncomfortable to step out and do something new.

Starting and growing your business is an intensively creative and focused time. You need to be feeling motivated and inspired to achieve the goals you have set.

But it is definitely tough, especially without a boss there telling you what to do and when. You are no longer told what to think and feel, which is amazing but leaves you in charge of your energy.

You know that investing in your personal development as an entrepreneur is crucial but boy it is so overwhelming with everyone bombarding you with strategies and tips.

So i’ve done the leg work for you. I’ve tried and tested lots of entrepreneurial resources, personal development for entrepreneurs and have created my top strategies to help you get motivated.

Follow the steps below and get fired up.

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How to get motivated Tip 1: Know where you are

To improve anything in your life & business you need to know where you are to start with, so it’s time to check in with how motivated you feel right now.

It is so much easier to do this when you have mental and physical space from your day to day work.

So step away from your computer.

Seriously, step away and do something that brings you joy.

It could be a walk, grab something yum to eat, meditate, take a bath. Do whatever it is that takes you out of the rush of life and into a reflective space.

Ok you’re back. Now grab pen and paper and write down how you feel about your business.

Be super honest, there are no right or wrong answers, only the truth.

  1. How connected do you feel to your goals & vision?

  2. Why are you feeling that way?

  3. How are you feeling? energised? tired? clear on what you want to do and why?

  4. What is going really well at the moment?

  5. What is not going well? what is draining you? what needs changing?

This is a key step for personal development for entrepreneurs that I encourage all my private clients to do regularly.

How to get motivated Tip 2: Dream about the growth of your business

Now you know where you are, it's time to get excited again about what you are creating, why you are creating it and let the motivation flow again.

It is so easy to get out of touch with why you have stepped out of the rat race and are starting and growing your business.

So once again grab your pen and paper and write down your thoughts to the following questions. Don't worry about the how, just let your imagination go:

  1. What does your dream business look like?

  2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

  3. How will you know when you are successful?

  4. What will it feel like to achieve this dream (really feel the emotions of achieving what you want)

  5. How will you celebrate achieving your goals? Where will you go? What will you buy?

  6. What will having a successful business allow you to do?

Now you know what your dream looks like, you need to plaster images that represent that future business, goals, feelings, celebrations everywhere and anywhere you will see it during your day.

How to get motivated tip 3: Who do you need to be in order to achieve your dreams?

You now know where you are with your motivation and are feeling reconnected with your dream business vision.

There will be plenty of time to focus on the action steps to get you to your goals.

But now is the time to think about who you need to be in order to bridge the gap. This is about the CEO you need to be and want to be.

So think about:

  1. Who do you need to be in order to achieve your dreams?

  2. What does that person do, think, feel, wear, read, eat?

  3. What behaviours do you have to display on a daily basis?

  4. What values do you need to have?

How to get motivated Tip 4: Know what inspires you

You hear it all the time but consistency is key when building and growing a business.

That means you have to show up and keep taking action every day, even when you might not feel like it.

So you have to know what will get you into 'peak state' even when you don't feel 100% inspired.

Think about:

  1. What do you love doing which is totally unrelated to business? sometimes a break is all you need

  2. Where do you like to work?

  3. What will you listen to? read? watch? to get motivated

  4. Would putting together a vision board help keep you inspired?

To get myself motivated and into peak state to work:

  • I like to do some kind of exercise in the morning when I have just woken up. I go for a 30 minute walk or do some Pilates, depending on my mood. I’m not alone in exercising to stay motivated, Marie Forleo, Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerburg all use exercise to stay focused and motivated

  • I don’t check my emails and social media until after about 10am. This allows me to stay in a peak state without interruptions and energy drains for the morning which is my most productive time of the day

  • I’ve created an inspiration and motivation board on Trello (Trello is my life, fact!!) and I list links to entrepreneurial resources I like, quotes that inspire me, music that energises me and so much more. It’s my go to place when I can feel my motivation has deserted me. I’ve also stuck my favourite inspiration quotes on my wall behind my computer so I see them throughout the day. You can get your free printables with my top 10 fave quotes here

  • I dedicate time everyday to my personal development. Investing time in personal development for entrepreneurs is key as you are the most powerful asset in your business. If you are on top form then so is your business. This could be listening to a podcast, checking out a YouTube video, reading a chapter in my latest book (you’ve probably realised if you have followed me for a while that I am a total bookworm).

    My current favourite personal development resources are:

  1. YouTube Motivation Video: Greatness Within featuring Les Brown

  2. Youtube Video: You Have Not Because You Ask Not - Steve Harvey

  3. Podcast: Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert

  4. Book: Failing Forward by John Maxwell

Your Next Steps:

You now have my proven techniques for getting motivated so you can start and grow your business. Set aside 30 minutes, get in a good space and go through the exercises in this blog.

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