How to escape your job and start a business

When planning your escape from the 9-5 grind by starting a business it can seem overwhelming.

Often the reasons not to do it loom larger than the reasons to do it. The dreaded ‘What Ifs’ creep in and you put the desire to leave on hold until XYZ has happened.

Fast forward another year and you are still there.

From my experience of working with startups they share very similar worries, some founded and some imagined:  

1. Money worries: What if I don’t make enough money

2. I don’t know what business to start: I have too many or no ideas

3. Who am I kidding, I’m not an entrepreneur: What if I fail

4. Will enough people buy from me?: I don't know what the market looks like

5. I don’t want to waste my time and money on the wrong business: If only I could try before I commit

Do any of those sound familiar to you?

I know I have faced all of them when I have been setting up my businesses. The good news is that they can be worked through simply.

Are you ready to tackle them? If so download my escape plan where I take you through the 5 key steps to go through to kickstart your escape from your job and debunk the most common obstacles people put in their way.

We will be looking at:

1. How to generate a business idea that is in line with your interests, passion and skills as well as being something the market wants

2. How to research your business idea so you can be more assured that your customers are ready and waiting  

3. How to test trade, in other words how to do a trial run of your business to see if it works and if you like it, the ultimate try before you buy!!

4. How to be sensible and plan financially for your escape

5. How to silence the crazy monkey voice in your head that is telling you can’t do this one minute and going into overdrive with to do lists and ideas the next