The Ultimate 5 Questions for a Successful Business

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Have you ever wanted to be one of life's power players who can make good, consistent and confident decisions that propel you along effortlessly to reach your clearly defined goals?

Well in reality I am not sure that these visions of power really exist, no one can be that perfect all of the time, its just too tiring. However I do believe that if you are struggling to achieve what you want in life and business you just need to ask better questions so you get the answers you need.

I use these 5 simple questions daily to ensure I stay on track and create a business and life I love:  


If I were totally confident right now what would I do? 

This is my number one favourite question and I have used it at every stage in my business and life. It helps you to:

  • Take the courageous action you might have put off
  • Make decisions from the point of view of being the CEO of your business
  • Identify areas where you are lacking in confidence and need to focus


What can I do today to make sales in my business? 

Often it is easy to focus your time and energy on the wrong tasks. This is especially true when starting a business as there are so many different things to master and you aren't yet clear on what is working.

So ask yourself this at the start of a day and also when you are unsure whether something is a good use of your time. Often the answer is you should be doing whatever it is that gets people on the phone or video chat to connect with you person to person - is that in person networking, contributing to Facebook groups, writing top quality content?


What do I need to change in order to make my goals a reality? 

This is a tough one as it can be hard to admit your own involvement in why you are failing to reach your goals, but if you are truly honest you can learn valuable information to help make the necessary changes and reach your potential.

Are you fully focused on what you need to do? Are you watching too many reruns of Friends? (no? just me?!!), are you unsure what you need to do? Are you the queen of procrastination? Are you worried about being visible in your business? Are you scared of being judged for starting a business?


What does my audience want to hear and how? 

It can be all too tempting to tell your audience what you think they need to hear in the way you like to say it. However in order to have a successful business you need to understand what your audience wants to learn about, how they want to learn it and what language they use. Often the end result is the same but they will connect with you and your business much more if you present it in an accessible way for them.


What is the purpose? 

If you are putting out a piece of content what is the purpose? To educate? To get a specific reaction? To get email sign ups? If you are posting on Facebook what is the purpose? If you are having a day of procrastination is there a purpose to it? Is your body telling you it needs a break?

Finding the purpose behind anything and everything in business and life helps you to fully understand the meaning and what you need to do with that meaning, which is incredibly powerful.

What areas of your business and life would benefit from asking better questions? I would love to know, just comment below now or get in touch now by emailing me

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