5 ways to consistently create content ideas to increase your audience and income


Creating consistent content week in, week out, that’s engaging and you feel proud of is a huge challenge. I’ve definitely found coming up with content ideas tough, and i know many of the entrepreneurs I help have real trouble being creative and inspired with their content.

It can feel like your business and audience are content hungry monsters. Everything needs content ideas, your blog, social media, courses, emails, websites, landing pages and and and. It goes on and on.

There is such a huge focus on content because value packed content that leaves your target market wanting more is the best way to build your list, get your audience to trust you, attract more clients and ultimately make more sales.

With so much to play for, i’m going to show you how to consistently create content ideas that’ll turn your audience into raving fans and paying clients.

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Creating Content Ideas Tip 1: Ideas Session

Nothing gets my creativity flowing more than a large sheet of paper and big pens (anyone with me?). You’ll be surprised how many ideas you already have from scanning the web, reading and absorbing others content. To get these out of my head and onto paper I follow these steps:

  1. Break your business into different categories, for example my categories are inspiration, branding, goals & planning, content creation, content repurposing, Pinterest and many others. Come up with as many as you can, but at least 10.

  2. Write down 3 different content topics for each category e.g. for content creation I could talk about identifying your natural voice, market research, writing headlines. For inspiration:

    • Research what your competitors are writing about and what content is popular on their websites?

    • Look at websites you and your audience love and check out what content they’ve been creating

    • Look at what is trending in your niche. Google Trends is a brilliant tool to use

    • Use your experience. Think about the questions you always get asked, what help do your clients need?

    • Write down all the topics you are passionate about and expert in. How and where do you want to add value?

Creating Content Ideas Tip 2: Use SEM Rush Topic Research Tool

SEM Rush is a great tool to maximise the SEO potential of your content (and who doesn’t want that?). You put in a topic, press the magic button and it gives you a top 10 list of headlines based on backlinks. You can click through to the articles to see what your niche are writing about and also quote them in your own content. It also lists 10 questions, top sub topics and related searches for your search term. Brilliant.

SEM Rush.jpg
SEM Rush 2.jpg

Creating Content Ideas Tip 3: Check Answer The Public

Answer the Public is a great free long-tail keyword research tool. You type in your topic and it generates a list of questions the public is actually asking about that niche. This helps to ensure your content is relevant and valuable.

answer the pubic 2.png

Creating Content Ideas Tip 4: Ask Your Target Market

The key to growing your audience and engaging them is to create content they’re really craving. And the best way to know what they’re really craving is to ask them, nothing like getting it from the horse's mouth in their own words (although to be fair horses can’t talk but you get what I mean!!).

You can:

  • Email your list

  • Post a survey or questions in your social media group and other groups

  • Ask them in your joining questions for your FB group

  • Check comments on posts relevant to your niche

  • Look at the reviews of relevant Amazon books

  • Do research in forums for your niche

  • Ask previous and current clients

  • Even an emoji poll in Insta Stories

The options are endless. Anything which allows you to hear directly from your target audience will be useful in creating content ideas.

You could ask them:

  • What topics do you enjoy most from me?

  • What is your number one struggle with XYZ? (insert your niche)

  • What would you like to see more of from me?

  • What do you want to achieve in 3 months time?

  • What would stop you from achieving your goals?

Creating Content Ideas Tip 5: Google Search Suggestions

If you have an idea for a general topic, pop it in the fountain of knowledge, Google, and look at the suggested topics it comes up with. Each could be a piece of content.

Google search.png

Also check out the related searches at the bottom of the page.

Google 2.png

Bonus Creating Content Ideas Tip: Set up a swipe file

You can use Trello, Google docs or whatever you like and put in your ideas, frequently asked client questions, things you like from your competitors, trends. Basically anything that could be a potential content topic. Then when you sit down to write you’ll have a whole library of information to inspire you.

Action Plan:

You now have my proven techniques that I use for generating incredible content ideas my audience will love. Your next step? Set aside 30 minutes and start with tip 1 and you’ll have a host of ideas in no time.

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